Kotori Otonashi
Kanji 音無小鳥
Romaji Otonashi Kotori
Gender Female
Age 20s
Birthday September 9
Height 159 cm
Three Sizes Undisclosed
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Watching TV, Daydreaming, and Surfing Forums
Dominant Hand Unknown
First Appearance
Debut THE iDOLM@STER (Arcade)
Japanese Voice Actress/Actor
Kanji 滝田樹里
Romaji Takita Juri

Kotori Otonashi is a secretary at 765 Production and was first featured on THE iDOLM@STER website posting information and DLC updates. Her image color is yellow. She is voiced by Juri Takita.


Kotori has short, green hair that reaches her neck and is always adorned by her trademark yellow headband. Her eyes are brown. She's usally seen in a white blouse covered by a green vest with a large purple or yellow ribbon with a black skirt and stockings, and white heels.

Background and Personality

Clubs and Hobbies


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