THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Viewing Revolution
THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls- Viewing Revolution Main Visual
Game Information
Developer(s) Cygames
Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment
Platform(s) Playstation 4
Released October 13, 2016
Genre Music
Virtual Reality
Available Language(s) Japanese

THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Viewing Revolution (アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ ビューイングレボリューション Aidorumasutā Shinderera Gāruzu Byūingureboryūshon) is a spin-off virtual reality game released for the Playstation 4, based on THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls franchise. It was published by Bandai Namco Entertainment and was released on October 13, 2016.


THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Viewing Revolution lets the player set up and cheer on concerts held in the Maihama Amphitheater, the same place where the 1st Live was held.

Main Menu

On the main menu, the player will be able to see an idol chosen randomly wearing the Yes! Party Time!! costume. The player will also see PV footage of the songs they currently have.


The player chooses which song they'd like to see in concert and they'll be able to cheer the idols on with their cyalumes and wristbands.

Live Goods

The player can choose which cyalumes and wristbands their avatar wears during the Live. The player can choose between the basic items or the items they bought.


The player can purchase new songs, cyalumes, wristbands, and idol addition packs.


The player can change their settings fore Lives, the game, and other settings.


Cute Cool Passion
Uzuki Shimamura Rin Shibuya Mio Honda
Nana Abe Anastasia Miria Akagi
Chieri Ogata Ranko Kanzaki Mika Jougasaki
Miho Kohinata Riina Tada Rika Jougasaki
Miku Maekawa Minami Nitta
Kanako Mimura





Onegai! Cinderella Yes! Party Time!!
DLC Songs
Atashi Ponkotsu Android Snow Wings
GOIN'!!! Orange Sapphire

Downloadable Content

Season Pass DLC

Season Passes are passes that players can purchase to have access to certain DLC released until their pass expires. There are two types of passes: the Viewing Revolution Music Pass and the Viewing Revolution Producer Pass. The Viewing Revolution Music Pass grants the player access to only the song DLC content, while the Viewing Revolution Producer Pass grants players access to the all of the song DLC and Live goods, as well as exclusive cyalumes and wristbands.

Live Good DLC

The player can purchase in-game Live goods, such as cyalumes and wristbands, to use during the performance. Each good comes with its own unique design. The player can purchase each good separately or buy them all in bulk.

Idols Available
Kanako Mimura Miku Maekawa Minami Nitta Riina Tada
Ranko Kanzaki Miho Kohinata Mika Jougasaki Rika Jougasaki
Chieri Ogata Nana Abe Anastasia Miria Akagi
Anzu Futaba Uzuki Shimamura Rin Shibuya Mio Honda
Yui Ohtsuki Haruna Kamijo Airi Totoki Aiko Takamori
Kirari Moroboshi Sae Kobayakawa Mizuki Kawashima Kaede Takagaki
Frederica Miyamoto Shiki Ichinose Syuko Shiomi Kanade Hayami

Additional Song DLC

The additional song DLC allows players to purchase songs to cheer to with certain idols who perform.

Additional Song DLC
Song Performers Trailer
Atashi Ponkotsu Android Anzu Futaba, Miho Kohinata, and Miku Maekawa
Snow Wings Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, Mio Honda, Yui Ohtsuki, and Haruna Kamijo
GOIN'!!! Sae Kobayakawa, Mizuki Kawashima, Kaede Takagaki, Aiko Takamori, and Airi Totoki
Orange Sapphire Rika Jougasaki, Miria Akagi, and Kirari Moroboshi
Tulip Kanade Hayami, Syuko Shiomi, Mika Jougasaki, Frederica Miyamoto, and Shiki Ichinose


The EDIT Live DLC is a free pack that allows players to receive idols of the three attributes: Cute, Cool, and Passion. After the player recieves the idols, they can change which three idols appear for each attribute in Onegai! Cinderella.

Idol Released On
Koharu Koga First Idol Addition
Momoka Sakurai First Idol Addition
Michiru Ohara First Idol Addition
Hotaru Shiragiku First Idol Addition
Wakaba Kusakabe First Idol Addition
Mirei Hayasaka First Idol Addition
Kiyora Yanagi First Idol Addition
Nana Abe Second Idol Addition
Shiki Ichinose Second Idol Addition
Hitomi Niwa Second Idol Addition
Akiha Ikebukuro Second Idol Addition
Chieri Ogata Second Idol Addition
Saori Okuyama Second Idol Addition
Erika Akanishi Second Idol Addition
Azuki Momoi Third Idol Addition
Atsumi Munakata Third Idol Addition
Kyoko Igarashi Third Idol Addition
Hiromi Seki Third Idol Addition
Arisa Mochida Third Idol Addition
Clarice Third Idol Addition
Setsuna Imura Third Idol Addition
Helen First Idol Addition
Rumi Wakui First Idol Addition
Aya Kirino First Idol Addition
Hina Araki First Idol Addition
Haruna Kamijo First Idol Addition
Seira Mizuki First Idol Addition
Reiko Takahashi First Idol Addition
Saki Yoshioka Second Idol Addition
Yoriko Furusawa Second Idol Addition
Layla Second Idol Addition
Honoka Ayase Second Idol Addition
Chie Sasaki Second Idol Addition
Chinami Komuro Second Idol Addition
Kaede Takagaki Second Idol Addition
Hajime Fujiwara Third Idol Addition
Otoha Umeki Third Idol Addition
Tomo Fujii Third Idol Addition
Kanade Hayami Third Idol Addition
Mutsumi Ujiie Third Idol Addition
Yasuha Okazaki Third Idol Addition
Hinako Kita First Idol Addition
Miria Akagi First Idol Addition
Yumi Aiba First Idol Addition
Tokiko Zaizen First Idol Addition
Shiho Makihara First Idol Addition
Emi Namba First Idol Addition
Ako Tsuchiya Second Idol Addition
Marina Sawada Second Idol Addition
Yui Ohtsuki Second Idol Addition
Ayuna Hamakawa Second Idol Addition
Shizuku Oikawa Second Idol Addition
Syoko Hoshi Second Idol Addition
Sana Miyoshi Third Idol Addition
Sana Miyoshi Third Idol Addition
Natalia Third Idol Addition
Yoshino Yorita Third Idol Addition
Miu Yaguchi Third Idol Addition
Kaoru Ryuzaki Third Idol Addition
Umi Sugisaka Third Idol Addition